福島「放射性物質」土壌汚染調査 8割の学校で驚愕の数値が!

Mothers are exhausted by the irresponsible constitution of the government and the prefecture and the social pressures that force to behave as if Fukushima accident never happened. "Don't worry, , everything is all right."
Terumi Kataoka says.
"Aizu area is believed to have little pollution, but it depends on the location iIn Aizu. In Wakamatsu City, the mayor has declared the safety declaration early, so the city is not decontaminate. When we asked the mayor to decontaminate, the proposal was rejected. answer was "Tourists are now returning to our city. if we decontaminate now, tourist will be lost!!"

More recently, monitoring posts installed in Fukushima Prefecture are gradually removal one by one.
Mr. Kataoka and others asked the city about the removal, "We will relocate thepost where the evacuation order will be released." When the citizen protested, a briefing session for residents was held. Participants asked the staff of the city as "Do you know how to detect dosage anomalies in the future if anything happens during the decommissioning work of reactors?" The officials said "I do not think there will be unforeseen circumstances."
After all, only monitoring posts of the districts of people who protested to the city were not removed, but other monitoring posts in the city have been removed.
"We can not trust the value of the monitoring post, but we will be deprived of the minimum right to know the radiation dose. I can not allow their way to erase nuclear accidents and pollution from our consciousness. "Mrs. Kataoka said with anger.
When Ms. Sawada (Fukushima city), became worried when her eldest daughter began to have nosebleeds. She asked the grandmaster of daughter's Kindergarden "Please let me measure radiation dose of the garden." The answer was "Since it is a public kindergarten, I can not do itbecause there is no permission of the Board of Education. " Unfortunately, when we measured the air dose around kindergarten, a hot spot was detected. Ms. Sawada then asked the city to decontaminate, but the officer said "We cannot do it
because there is no place to take decontaminated soil. "The city dose not seem to protect children ... ... It is truly tiring forgrow up
children in Fukushima," Mr. Sawada said at a loss.

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